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Why We Should Support President Trump

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

It's 2018, hate continues to flow through the veins of America. It feels like some Americans choose to hate good people. If you think about it, these people are being influenced by the media. I know everyone is tired of hearing about the “fake news”, but it's the truth. Whatever happened to the truth. The truth is that the biased media is trying to persuade the young minds to the left. I would like to hear the truth every once in a while. All the media cares about is making people take their side. A lot of high school students will be voting in 2020. I can't just sit back and watch all their decisions be made for them. Now back to why we should support Donald J. Trump. If you want to hear the truth: listen to him, not the media. Our president is strong, independent, and hard working. Every bad thing you hear about him is false. I remember the other day I asked one of my friends “why don't you support President Trump” she replied with “because there is something bad about him on the news every day”. This is what the media is teaching our youth. President Trump is NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, nothing but a great president. People call him, and the Republican Party these names constantly. Yet, they have nothing to back it up. President Trump has accomplished so much in the past two years. You know one of his mottos: “promises made, promises kept” he means it, here are a few of his big achievements:

(according to Turning Point USA)

  • Record low Hispanic unemployment

  • Record low Veteran unemployment

  • Record low Black unemployment

  • Record high consumer confidence

  • Embassy moved to Jerusalem

  • American hostages released

  • 3.9 million american families off of food stamps

  • Improved border security

  • Historic regulation cuts

  • Massive Wage increase

  • Military pay increase

  • Renegotiation of NAFTA

It's not just about changing people's minds, it's about educating

people to show them what is correct and what makes the most sense, and

here at TSR, that is out goal!

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