When the media witnesses government corruption - A Cuomo Covid Crisis EN/ES

Written By Abril Trankels

Governor Cuomo and COVID deaths in NY.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who in the midst of a pandemic published a book recounting his political exploits, honoring his administration during the COVID 19 crisis; has been the front page of the American media after new investigations have been published about the number of deaths in New York. These not only reveal a flaw in the policies implemented, but also the clear manipulation of data carried out in recent months.

A study published by a state attorney disproved the figures previously released by the NY governor and his administration about COVID deaths in nursing homes. This data estimates that 50% of the cases were not published. Although there are several officials and those responsible for this chaos, it is especially paradoxical that a governor as praised by the media as Cuomo was today finds himself in this situation. It could be argued whether the blame should be attributed to a series of ineffective policies that subsequently led to obtaining data that did not match reality; or simply claim we are talking about another case of corruption and intentionally promulgated misinformation.

The figures were mostly modified by the counting method. Since those patients who died in a city hospital, but had been referred from nursing homes or homes for the elderly, were not counted among the deceased from the same residences.

However, the reality is a more disturbing. This week one of the secretaries of state recognized not only the manipulation of data, but that it justified the decision to hide and reduce the numbers. The official explained that the political scenario, under the presidency of Donald Trump, could have led the national justice department to investigate the case of New York City if this information was published. (Understanding the weight of the rivalry between the former president and the Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo).

The scandal escalates even higher considering the 9,000 patients who tested positive for COVID and were subsequently transferred to these nursing homes. From the beginning of the pandemic, the data made it more than clear which were the risk groups and that among them were the elderly. Which suggests that Governor Cuomo's team not only failed to prioritize the protection of older adults but also intentionally increased their risk of death.

Although the media have exploited this news in recent days, it has been around for several months. While the governor carried out a campaign and political fight against former President Donald Trump, this health crisis and the policies covered with corruption, were not reported by the largest media in the United States.

Disinformation as a social and political phenomenon has spread seriously in recent years. The decline in credibility on the part of society towards its leaders and towards the international organizations themselves seems to be getting stronger. It is not news that many governments have taken the Corona Virus crisis to manipulate elections, deepen corruption, delay political processes, among others. Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina could be taken as an example, but it is not necessary to immerse oneself in the Latin American reality; Clearly, the United States is also victims of this problem in the face of which the mass media are empowered and citizens are weakened.