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Wayfair Sex Trafficking Conspiracy


Written by: Emma Randich

Social media users have uncovered yet again another conspiracy theory that has everyone questioning their furniture purchase from the American e-commerce company, Wayfair. People have come to the belief that items from Wayfair that are priced at inaccurate amounts are priced so expensive because if you purchase these specific items, you instead recieve a sex trafficked child. With what social media users have uncovered it's hard to keep in mind that there is, so far, no police reports, firsthand accounts, or financial records.

The theory began on July 9th 2020 on Reddit where a user pointed out the fact that specific items, mainly cabinets, were listed at prices incomparable to the items prices on other websites. This persons comment noted that Wayfair was selling a utility closet from WFX for over $10,000 and used sex trafficking as the explanation for the outrageous price. This led to users picking through Wayfair’s listings searching for anything out of the ordinary. One person found a set of pillows and shower curtains that were listed at $9,999. The same set was found on a similar website for $99. Some have pulled peoples reviews on the largely priced items which explain their satisfaction with the item and found ties between those people and sex trafficking occuring in the towns they are from. One woman commented on the listing of a fireproof four drawer vertical file cabinet with a price of $5,999 describing how it was a great deal and came with fast shipping. This women is from Walnut Creek, California where there had been three men arrested for running a whole secret world of child sex trafficking.

Then, more and more people began to look for information elsewhere. People realized that when you take the stock keeping unit number (SKU) associated with the items preceded by the term “src usa” on the Russian search engine Yandex it will give back images of young female children. It gets even creepier. If you look at the over priced cabinets their names include female names within them which theorists have linked to missing person cases. For example, one cabinet appeared on Wayfair as the “Anabel 5-shelf storage unit” which corresponds with an Anabel Wilson who went missing in Kansas. Some of the correlations were a dead end since some of the missing people were found. One in which was connected to the Alyvia shelf who people thought was a missing 3 year old girl, Alyvia Navarro. Unfortunately, she was found dead in a pond from drowning. These missing people reports and their possible ties to furniture at Wayfair are suspicious but there are also 800,000 missing children per year so it could be a coincidence but gives reason to raise concern. 

So how did Wayfair even start? It was started by two men, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah. They met as high school students attending a summer program at Cornell University. In 2002, they co-founded Wayfair when they recognized a market opportunity to sell stereo racks and stands online. So how did they come up with the name Wayfair? One of the founders claims that they chose that name to avoid scaring off manufacturers who were burned by the dot-com crash but now people are questioning if that's the real reason. If you search in Google “waif” it is defined as “a homeless, neglected, or abandoned person, especially a child.” Then if you search the rest of the word “Wayfair” as “fare” it comes up with the definition of “the money a passenger on public transportation has to pay” and as “perform in a specified way in a particular situation or over a particular period of time”.

With Ghislaine Waxwell just being arrested and Jeffery Epstein conspiracies rising again, Wayfair sex trafficking theorists tried to tie the two together. Thats when this photo surfaced on social media.

This picture of Ghislaine Maxwell sitting with a man was taken a year after Wayfair began in 2003. People identified the man as Bill Hutcherson who supposedly is the “president of operations” at Wayfair. This conspiracy was found to be false. The man is actually George Bamford and he has no connection to Wayfair. Even today there is no such position called “president of operations” at Wayfair.

This is one of the emails leaked by WikiLeaks from John Podesta

Here is a recent post on twitter showing how Wayfair tried to hide the underage children. Using Product codes to identify children.

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