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Uncle Andrew and Other Down Bad Democrats

OP-ED Written by Nicholas Rhudy

I have worked a plethora of jobs in my still short twenty-two-year existence. During that time, I have risen upwards in the company and have also had my fair share of attractive female coworkers. I can safely say the urge to allegedly “grab some ass”, kiss on the lips, or casually toss my hands up a shirt of a female has never crossed my mind. I have even worked a job with a girl that I was dating and we once touched hands, that is all on the record.

Let’s take this from a fresh angle. Not the perspective of the victims or the perpetrator. I am not well versed in the makeup of the victim’s family dynamic. But were I a Father or any other male in the victims’ families, Andrew would be another “Covd-19 victim”.

While there are so many small items to unpack around this story it is best to focus on some of the key points. Many celebrities, media members, and various Twitter blue checkmarks spent 2020 describing themselves as “Cuomosexuals”. If that in and of itself wasn’t cringy enough, the allegations and assortment of harassment problems regarding Andrew Cuomo were common knowledge among his administration and other liberal elites. But per the usual arrangment in politics, if you make yourself useful to the establishment hardcore Left, any sin can be forgiven at the altar of Progress.

But why maintain a pure spirit when you can continually be forgiven? asked Andrew as he slipped out of his red satin robe and into his empty Alaskan King-sized bed. A man known to not waste time, he grabbed the opportunity by the gonads (along with a few more female behinds) and proceeded to drive UHaul trucks packed with COVD-riddled grandparents back to the nursing homes to wipe out the few remaining olds. Not to play down the disgracefulness of the sexual harassment allegations levied against Governor, but it wasn’t his poking and prodding the elderly to their graves, and the coverup that ensued that wasn’t the final nail in his coffin?

But in the end, not unlike the OJ Simpson narrative, it was the “lesser” of two sins that led to Cuomo’s downfall. It now remains up to the Democrats in the New York legislature to decide if they will keep him down for good by going through with impeachment. If they do not impeach and no further criminal investigation develops, the door to political office is left open for Cuomo to sneak through in the future.

To be fair, the Republicans made a fuss after the Democrats in Congress sought to impeach Trump after he left office. There may be a double standard held by both parties, what a surprise! If I were King of the U.S. I would pass on impeachment and move forward with criminal charges.

But what do I know? I’m not a slimy politician.

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