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Trump’s Wall

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Written by Hailey Bacon

While the whole country has been invested in the election and whether Joe Biden will be the next president or not, Trump’s border wall has made a huge amount of progress. Not only has he added miles of a wall where there was none, but he also has fixed some areas that were ineffective. 

Not only has 400 miles of Trump’s new border wall has been built but the flow of illegal drugs has also decreased as well as human trafficking that has hurt Mexican citizens and our own American citizens. According to the Trump administration, the amount of arrests that have been made for illegal immigration has decresed by 70% just between last May and this August. U.S law enforcement has also attained over 100,000 pounds of cocaine, 83,000 pounds of meth, 2,700 pounds of fentanyl, and more. 

Thanks to Trump’s border concerns a lot has been able to get done in the last four years that has helped keep both the U.S and Mexico safe. The Trump Administration has also said that the system has finally been returned to its proper role. Although many people on the left are opposed to the wall and opposed to deportation, they have failed to realize that illegal immigration hurts everyone. It empowers criminals, paves a way for gangs, and brings in the harm of human trafficking which president Trump has also worked very hard to stop. 

Open borders would make all these problems increase and would put all of us in harm's way, the wall is better for the people whether they are opposed to it or not

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