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The Not F*cking Around Coalition (NFAC) - Here's what you need to know

NFAC.  What the hell is NFAC?  Turns out, it really isn't all that special.  The 'Not F***ing Around Coalition'.  

Written By: Steve Gessic

Sounds petty and childish.  One of the leaders of NFAC posted a video explaining about his AR-15 rifle that would make anyone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to firearms laugh for an extended period of time. The man sat there and claimed the rifle was a 'bull-pup' style rifle.  Right there, all credibility is stripped and you're outed as a joke.  How people listen to this man about firearms is mind blowing to me.  He continues into his video stating that military members are dying, literally every day, because when the blot is locked back in the rifle, if it hits the ground with some force, the bolt has the potential to slam home.   According to this man, that will end up killing people because it will cause the firearm to discharge.  No it doesn't. The AR-15 fires from a closed bolt.  Now, there are firearms that do fire from an open bolt, but the rifle he was displaying for his audience was absolutely not one of them.   That's a leader of a movement that has issued a threat to build their own nation within the United States.  Uh, wut?  How can you make that claim and not be speaking from a radical stance?  Why is it if a white group claims this they are literally immediately labeled racists and extremists and are put on a government watch list, but this group can run rampant on the streets and not face any backlash from the public, or politicians?

White guilt has driven this radical racist group onto city streets.  What if they do attempt to start their own nation in your city?  Are you willing to kick back and allow an organization led by a man this unintelligent to tell you how to live your life?

Wake up America.  Things are getting worse, not better.

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