A New "Democracy" Under Biden Administration - EN/ES

Written By Abril Trankels

Both the Presidential inauguration speech and the first actions of President Joe Biden, expose and affirm several of the promises and predictions about what the new administration will bring from the Democratic party. As well as the pressure groups (i.e. Antifa) that accompany it.

Starting with what were his first words in office, Mr. Biden placed a clear emphasis on two points: unity and democracy. Which led to unveil one of the political and social sensitivities deeply present in American society; the sharp divide between Republicans and Democrats. The radicalization present in every position, all debate and conflict, the inability of the famous "middle ground", is not new news.

However, the repeated call for union, along with other proposals, were at least contradictory to the current president's own positions and actions.

After hailing for American unity, he cited the recent terrorist attacks on Capitol Hill; assuming that these had been a fact recognized and denounced by all, reaching a point of union and civil consensus. However, it was Joe Biden himself who only days ago stated publicly that those who voted for the Republican party in 2016 were already aware of the kind of repercussions that this political movement could bring. Especially under the command of former President Trump.

That is, while Biden dedicated half of his speech to citizen unity; Days ago he argued that almost half of the population had consciously voted for the Republican party, knowing that an attack like the one on the Capitol, was typical of this political climate. (Which lacks logic, since Trump himself and the Republican channels denounced the attack on the capitol as a punishable act).

Later, he highlighted the term democracy, alluding to it as one of the fundamental principles of the North American foundations. "That is America. The right to dissent, peacefully, from the barriers of our republic, is perhaps the greatest strength of this nation ”. While this claim as ideal as it is attractive, it will truly be a challenge for the entire Biden administration to follow through on it. It is enough to consider the constant correction and latent political cancellation in the media and digital platforms, which recently managed to silence Donald Trump himself.

Finally, the expected denunciation of white supremacy and the "cry for racial justice" could be highlighted. Strikingly, the president raised unemployment and business declines caused by COVID-19 hand in hand with racial justice; without specifying any connection. In view of which, paradoxicall