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The Deception of Black Lives Matter

OPINION EDITORIAL - Written by Nicholas Rhudy

When George Floyd met his premature death just over a year ago, there were countless individuals from ministers to blue Twitter check marks who spoke out against the alleged police brutality that they claimed was targeting the black community. Black Lives Matter and their activists claim to support black lives, but the vast majority of them supports the industry that targets them the most. And the deeply tragic fact is that it isn’t even close.

According to Statista there were a reported 6.2 million pregnancies in the US in 2010, and 1.1 million ended in induced abortions. Taking out 100,000 that are due to complications and put the mother's life at risk, that leaves us with one million babies aborted. That is 16% of all pregnancies ending in an abortion. According to Heather Mac Donald of the Wall Street Journal, there are 375 million police/civilian interactions per year. The Washington Post has been tracking fatal police shootings since 2015, particularly fatal shootings involving African Americans. They found there are roughly 1,000 fatal police shootings per year. And since 2015 there have been 135 black men and women fatally shot by police, and we won't mention if they are justified or not. The US African American population is 46.3 million according to Pew Research. By taking those numbers, we get .00029158% of African American men and women being killed by police over a five year period.

Now let's look at how many black babies are the victims of the abortions we previously mentioned. An AZ Capitol Times study stated, "According to that report, black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population. Yet, 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. At a ratio of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, black women have the highest ratio of any group in the country."

According to my math of which I had to use the full force of my college education, thirty-six percent of one million abortion is 360,000. Again, 135 black men and women were shot by the police over a five-year period and 360,000 black babies are murdered by their parents per year; a number 2,666 times larger. If the police were to shoot black Americans at the same rate they have been, it would take them another 13,000 years to reach the number of babies aborted in a single year.

Some police shootings are certainly uncalled for, but trying to draw moral equivalence to a modern-day genocide is outlandish, and clearly, a distraction as the Left continues to grab for more power.

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