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Texas is Citing the Coronavirus to Stop Abortions.

Written by Hailey Bacon

During the COVID-19 pandemic Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on March 22nd denying any abortion procedures that are ‘not medically necessary”. Heather Atrip a 30-year-old woman who had scheduled for an abortion recieved a call from Planned Parenthood the day before her appointment, explaining that her appointment will be cancelled, and before that 261 appointments had already been cancelled and more are continuing to be cancelled.

In the United States alone there are about 4000 babies aborted each day which works out to be 20 babies each second. And even though COVID-19 is taking lives, with this temporary abortion band it is saving many lives of unborn children in Texas alone. This is great news for pro-lifers and for the unborn babies who now have a better chance at life, but this has also riled up abortion rights activists.

On Monday after a lawsuits was filed from abortion rights activists, a federal court sided with the activists and temporarely blocked the state officials attempted abortion ban. Then shortly after on Tuesday an appeals court overturned that decision and for now that means that the state can still enforce the ban. 

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