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Terror In Italy

51 Child Hostage Situation in School Bus Hijacking.

By Caleigh Calvey

WARREN- In Italy yesterday (March 20, 2019) a school bus was hijacked outside of Milan by Ousseynow Sy, a Senegalese man in response to migrants in Europe, saying he wanted to stop the deaths in the Mediterranean. Miraculously the children survived. The hijacker, Sy was being investigated for kidnapping. Sy preceded to enter the bus and tell the 51 children inside that they were not going to make it out alive, then set the bus on fire.

Sy told authorities people in Africa are dying at the hand of Italian deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, and Matteo Salvini.

Italy has recently changed their immigration policies to be stricter, this horrible event is the response.  Fortunately the children are all safe. This event must be a wake up call bringing attention to the violence and hate that is being broadcasted around the world, wether committed by migrants or alt-nationalists violence is never permissible to “better” the world, especially when children or elderly are involved.

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