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NYC Hospital Uses Forklift to Transfer Dead COVID-19 Patients & China Re-Opens Its Shopping Centers

Video From The Telegraph

Supposedly the Wuhan region of China has reopened its shopping centers since the lockdown has been lifted. Statistics of the virus are lower in China which is being attributed to the countries no contact policy. 

Happy news cannot be said for those living in the United States. Recently America surpassed the highest death rate of any country. But why is that? Is it because of the number of elderly Americans with predisposed health conditions or because our healthcare system was unprepared for a pandemic? 

Recently a disturbing video has surfaced from NYC of people who have passed due to COVID-19 having their corpses lifted into the back of a semi truck presumably by a forklift. Many people, including myself, want to know why the dead were being lifted into the back of a semi truck. Supposedly in Italy if you have a deceased relative in your family who has passed due to COVID-19 you are not even allowed to see them. 

Nobody knows when the lockdowns will be over and the virus will be mostly eradicated but it has become clear that life has changed for a while. 

Written By Caleigh Calvey

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