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Islamic Terror Threat Scares Germany

Islamic terror threat scares Frankfurt Germany, leaving Ten Arrested in Islamist Plot to “Kill as Many Non-Believers as Possible” - German Police

By Caleb Wright

RALEIGH—German police on Friday reported that ten terrorist suspects were arrested, whose ages range between their 20’s and 40’s, after a threat of an Islamic terror plot became known. Frankfurt prosecutors also noted that certain finances were set aside for the terrorists to purchase weapons and vehicle rentals.

17,000 in GBP was seized along with other weapons, the prosecutors said. The terrorists are believed to have been making preparations for an Islamic terrorist attack that would kill “as many ‘non-believers’ as possible”. Several of the terrorists were associated with an Islamist community (or Islamic Salafist) around Frankfurt, according to The Guardian.

This is one of countless strings of terror threats in Europe, notably after EU countries such as Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands began accepting scores of refugees with Islamic terrorists unknowingly in their midst. Poland, an EU member unresponsive to the motions to accept millions of refugees, has fortunately not seen these terror threats at these levels.

This incident, along with dozens of others, has prompted several public officials to rethink acceptance strategies of refugees who may have connections with radical Islamic terrorism.

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