Illegal Immigration in The US: The rhetoric of Biden put into practice. EN/ES

Updated: Mar 24

Written by Abril Trankels

Only three months into the beginning of the Biden presidency, the administration seems to be unable to solve one of the pillars it held dearly during Bidens' candidacy: The resolution of the immigration crisis.

In conjunction with the factors that the pandemic context supposes, the Biden Administration faces a growing arrival of foreign citizens at its southern borders. After an electoral battle characterized by the lefts' emphasis on Trumps' mismanagement of this conflict, the already high bar was waiting for the current president.

However, the protruding evidence of what has been demonstrated in the last few weeks shows that the border challenges are more complex than this administration expected. The promotion of immigration waves through the discourse of inclusiveness to undocumented immigrants; and citizen incorporation plans; seems not enough in realistic terms. Such is that massive media that leans left such as CNN, have expressed their discomfort with the current management of this crisis.

The data reflects that the number of unaccompanied minors at the border with Mexico has doubled. The Department of National Security has stated that, after reaching this magnitude, the borders would be closed. Exceeding minors trying to enter without the company of a parent or guardian.

Which then emphasize the incentives that currently lead to the development and peak of this crisis. On the one hand, specifically, the declaration of the previously mentioned national security department works as a motivation for many undocumented citizens that take the risk of bringing their children to the detention centers. But mainly the initial problem remains the same that faced the Trump administration: countries, mostly Central Americans, who coexist with the consequences of the trafficking, insecurity and street violence, structural economic crises, natural disasters (Mexican hurricanes), and the consequences derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. All these factors remain sufficiently relevant so that these civilians are submitted to the process that holds them at borders.

Currently, the presidential communication team has not given explanations of why admission has been forbidden within the facilities that welcome immigrants. Therefore, there is no official dating that reflects the real conditions of these accommodations. So, there are already thousands of children who have tripled the maximum allowed time of minor retention at the border, according to US law. Which remains even more legitimacy and credibility to the government against the conflict.