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Governor Gretchen Whitmer Taking Extreme Caution

 Written by: Emma Randich

Michigan Coronavirus cases and deaths have jumped to 27,000+ cases and 1768 deaths as of April 14th according to the government of Michigan (Michigan Data), making them the 3rd most infected state in the United States. This is what drove Governor Gretchen Whitmer to enforce a new executive order which bans the selling of ¨nonessential¨ goods including clothing, gardening seeds, car seats, home improvement equipment, etc. She also outlawed visits to vacation homes and to friends/neighbors houses. Big supply chain stores have also been mandated to make sure that there are at most four customers per 1,000 square feet of customer floor space and small businesses must limit capacity to 25% including employees. Governor Whitmer claims that ¨if you're not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store¨ (Stimson, Brie. Fox News). 

Mauger, Craig. “Here We Are:” Twitter, Twitter, 10 Apr. 2020,

Many government officials have come out voicing their opinions on twitter about these recent orders. The Speaker of Michigan House Lee Chatfield, tweeted ¨Non essential in Michigan: lawn care, construction, fishing if boating with a motor, realtors, buying seeds, home improvement equipment, and gardening supplies. Essential in Michigan: marijuana, lottery and alcohol. Let's be safe and responsible. Right now, we're not! #AdoptNewCISA¨ (@LeeChatfield, Twitter).

Michigan representative Justin Amash made a point via twitter that ¨several recent measures provide marginal benefits at best, while substantially heightening frustration and resentment. Sensible instructions to practice social distancing, wear masks, and stay at home already do most of the work to reduce the virus's spread. By pushing too far, the governor undermines her own authority and increases the likelihood people will not follow reasonable guidelines¨ (@JustinAmash. Twitter). In another tweet he added that he has a ¨constitutional duty to ensure states don't trample on the rights of the people. @GovWhitmer ´s latest order goes too far and will erode confidence in her leadership. She should immediately reassess it¨ (@JustinAmash. Twitter).

Turns out that the people of Michigan are proving Justin Amash to be correct about Michigan citizens losing confidence in her leadership. As of Sunday April 5th a petition located at has gained more than 122,000 signatures to have Whitmer recalled from office. The people of Michigan have also decided to exercise their right to a peaceful protest by filling up in hundreds of cars gathered in front of and near the Michigan state capitol Wednesday, April 15th to protest Governor Whitmer. The message of the protest was against the governor's new executive orders and called the event ¨Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund.¨ Others called it ¨operation gridlock¨. These cars full of protestors had American flags, Trump flags, many signs explaining their frustration, as well as loud booming music throughout the capital area to gain attention. The event promoted on Facebook recieved 4,600 people confirming that they will attend the protest and 17,000 people that were interested in going. 

Mauger, Craig. “Here We Are:” Twitter, Twitter, 10 Apr. 2020,


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