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Do you have a Minute to Talk about our Lord and Savior Dr. Fauci?

OP-ED Written By: Nicholas Rhudy

Whenever Joe Biden is filled with enough stimulants to stumble out on stage and struggle to read off his notecards or teleprompter that are already in size 72 font; he is contractually obligated to say something outlandish.

This happened last Tuesday when President Joe Biden stated that in efforts to get more Americans vaccinated, he sought to implement a more aggressive PR strategy which included going, “door to door, literally knocking on doors”.

As you would expect this statement created an unnecessary uproar with both political parties overreacting. The Republicans saw this statement as white-coated doctors knocking on your door needle in hand, ready to stab you as soon as you opened your door. Democrats countered by arguing that door-to-door peddling would be the best way to get anti-vaccers and the unamused to finally give in to getting the vaccine. As usual, neither of these is true.

Republicans, ever eager to sound the end of the world alarm, were false in their claim that Biden wanted to mandate vaccines by barging through your front door. Biden made it clear that the purpose was to pass along pamphlets and “wise words” not unlike your friendly neighborhood Jehovah’s Witness.

As for Democrats, their stupidity lies within the simple fact of how ineffective their campaign will be, but it will likely hurt their cause. The vast majority of people who want the vaccine have received the vaccine. Very few people remain who can be convinced or do not yet have access. Taking a near hostile approach and landing, “boots on the ground” will most certainly turn off any holdouts completely. Continuing to make vaccines more available and being transparent with all successes and failures of the vaccine will lead more people to trust you, Joe, instead of treating people like children. That is usually too much to expect.

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