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Deep Division in America ?

Written By Steve Gessic

Did you know that former President Barack Obama thinks this country is still so very divided? All because of who you vote for. Nothing to do with individual actions, but based solely on who you voted for. I'll give you a guess on who he thinks is helping keep this country divided.......

That's right, it's Republicans.

"What it says is that we are still deeply divided. The power of that alternative worldview that's presented in the media that those voters consume, it carries a lot of weight" is what Obama told CBS News' Gayle King.

Really it's anybody who didn't vote Democrat. Why? What makes those who didn't vote Democrat the reason for keeping the country divided? Why is it that you have to vote, act like, speak, and bow down to their way of life? The ability to think differently, worship differently, and speak as you please is literally what created this country.

If you are anything but Democrat, you're wrong, a biggot, homophobe, xenophobe, and a right wing extremist. It will not be long before those of us who do not support the agenda of the left are labeled terrorists, mark it down now. Sooner or later all of us will be labeled an enemy of the state and the government will look to imprison those that disagree with them. It's already been spoken that the Democrats want a list to be made of who all supported, voted for, and assisted president Trump. What's that list for? Sending all of those people flowers and greetings cards? I smell train cars and camps. Call me crazy, but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, chances are it isn't a goose.

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