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Dear 2020

Written By Stesha Spartakos

Dear 2020,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you. Hours have been cut, many people have been laid off or have gone on a leave of absence. We are now together with our families, roommates, animals, and infinite games and steaming services. In these trying times I ask only one thing: LET US GO OUTSIDE.

I understand that it is the roaring twenties, and with the twenty’s bans go in place. All I ask is that you find it in your heart to allow rapid recovery to all those affected, to allow the Pharma companies to find cures or treatments for this infamous COVID-19. With this in mind our nation, our countries, and our world may open up again.

Don’t get me wrong I love all that you have done in regard to allowing us to be more connected with our families, friends, and giving us time to get back to values and activities we have neglected. However, it is overwhelming being with family for such an extensive time. I appreciate and love them; it’s just starting to create a stir-crazy group of individuals ran by impatience and longing to go out.

Although, our communities have been showing the best and the worst of their true nature and desires. People have bragged about pushing others to get the last thing of water, while others rally on what to do to help those who are unable to attain the resources they need. It is a truly weird yet humbling time for us all.

I want to thank you for all that has happened; good, bad and indifferent. With all of the devastation it is hard to see the positivity and hope that we all desperately need.

Despite everything we are going through it is important to value those close to us and cherish every moment. Whether it is now or some other time that we go, we need to remember and reflect on all the good that has happened in our lifetimes. For this, I am thankful for. But only this fact alone. We are stronger as a community, we are stronger when we unite, we are stronger with our own free will. I just pray that the rest of the world sees this as well. If not for those in power helping in the ways they can, lending a crutch to those struggling to make ends meet. it is in these times we miss the life we had. And yet we all unite in finding an end to these trying times.

For the active families who are stuck at home, to the hard workers who get lost in their jobs, to those who were lost and now finding a way out; this is our time to reconnect, build up our connections and find other ways to keep busy.

Finally, I leave you with this, too many people have taken for granted what we have experienced. It is time to humble our hearts and stop acting in such selfish compulsive ways. Lending a hand to those who ask, providing for those in need, and taking into light what must be done.

The past month has been the hardest month for some, and for others it is just a phase. We are asked to stay indoors, to keep away from others outside of immediate and daily connections. But there is always a brighter side of humanity, there is always a brighter side for us.


Everyone on lockdown

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