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Coronavirus Hysteria

To date, March 16th, my town has experienced two cases of COVID-19, and it has caused a mass hysteria. Grocery stores are depleted of meats, milk, eggs, produce, most notably toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. Even drug stores are being wiped out. Check out lines are long, the streets are filled with cars heading from empty store to empty store.

People wearing surgical masks is becoming a familiar sight. Schools are due to be closed for three weeks or more. They are packed today with students returning to get assignments and books. Students are cleaning out their locker believing it could be for the final time this school year.

Churches are closing. Others are warning congregations not to come. Catholic Churches have warned against taking communion. The elderly are being advised not to attend church. Bible school classes are being cancelled.

The Governor has banned large public gatherings. He has closed restaurants with the exception of take out food, he has closed bars. Some believe mass quarantine will be next.

This has left everybody asking, how long will this go on? And the answer is; nobody knows. Many people believe this is a case of mass hysteria others believe this is apocalyptic. Some believe the government has been too proactive and others believe the government has not been proactive enough.

Nobody knows when this will end, but I believe everybody hopes this will end soon.

Caliegh Calvey

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