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Border Wall Funding

Border Wall Funding

Written by : Ashleen Nowotny

Illegal immigration has been a big issue for some time now, but yet the democrats proceed to ignore the actually issues that come with it. A partial government shutdown was forced due to the democratic leaders not wanting to fund the wall. Rep. Matt Gaetz made a good point but asking if the Democrats are negotiating for the American people, or the Illegal Immigrants. We need the wall more now than ever. The amount of illegal immigrants in this country is absurd. President Donald Trump has made it clear to America that he wants to start off the new year with something big, and the wall is the perfect opportunity to do so. Funding for the wall is a great step towards it.

Thursday night Vice President Mike Pence had an interview with Tucker Carlson. Pence confirmed that the White House would reject any Democratic spending bill without funding for a border wall. Mike Pence called in “no deal” when the Democrats won't accept the idea. To accept the idea would only be sensible.

Now that the democrats have control of the House, they can pass bills ending the partial government shutdown. But with the GOP Senate those bills are going nowhere. The Democrats will do everything in there power to shut this down, but there is no chance in the world that they will be able to make Donald Trump stop his plans. There is no excuse for what illegal immigrants are doing, so why let it go on. Just like Charlie Kirk said, this is a national security issue. We currently have 44 thousand illegal immigrants in our federal prisons. An illegal immigrant is twice as likely to commit a crime than an American Citizen. Tens of thousands of kids are being sex trafficked across the US/Mexican border, and 98 percent of all the heroin in America comes across the border. The cost of illegal immigration in America is 115 BILLION dollars a year. If we ever needed a change, its now.

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