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BLM Organization Hypocrisy

These people claim to want peace and justice but in fact show they only wish to demonize all of those who are not black of skin.  White people are the enemy and are only racists.  Capitalism and the thought of taking responsibility for your own actions is as foreign a thought as peace and harmony.  Marxism runs their organization that is playing a large role in tearing the country apart in the name of equality.

Equality?  Unpopular opinion inbound.  Being black in America is a gift from God.  Be gracious that you weren't born in Africa and potentially enslaved by the Muslim extremists/culture.  Being black in America affords the black community the greatest opportunity to make something of yourself.  Just as much as it is for myself or literally anybody else.  

"But what about those black people stuck in ghettos and living in poverty"? says anybody who is still reading only to be pissed off that their views are ridiculous.  Your parents suck.  How can you blame the fact that your parents moved you to the ghetto and allowed you to be raised in poverty on the government, laws you wanted, or white people as a whole?  Why is that a even a thought process?  Because your parents have told you these lies equal to that of Santa Claus, about how they were held back and demonized because of the color of their skin.

Fun fact, turns out there are close to endless opportunities to advance yourself as a minority in this great country.  Welfare, housing, schooling, countless grants, abortion, and for the moms that choose to have kids, money every month for their children to eat.

How is that racist?  What should be racist is the hatred towards anybody who is allowed to have a thought outside of what their overlords at BLM tell them to think.  The acts of violence against people who simply speak words of true equality in the way of "All Lives Matter".  In the eyes of BLM these people now deserve to die and have signed their lives away to the will of the hateful misguided mob of racism that is BLM.

Good luck America.  The race war is starting and it won't be pretty.  Be prepared to be called racist no matter what color your skin is as long as you think for yourself and question the motives of those who preach bigotry and division.  God Bless you all.

Written By Steve

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