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Anti-Semitism In U.S. Congress

Anti-Semitism in Congres


By Caleigh Calvey

      Recent controversy has erupted from the left that has now divided the party. Many controversial statements made by the Somalian born Representative Ilhan Omar, who is a Muslim, have been a hot topic ever since Omar was elected to The House of Representatives, but recent comments made on Omar’s twitter have pushed the issue back into the limelight.

     Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi came to the defense of Omar stating “I don’t believe it was intended in an anti-Semitic way.” Pelosi has condemned the anti-Semitic comments of Omar, yet she always jumps to the defense of members of Congress making anti-Semitic comments. Linda Sarsour, also a Muslim member of The House, slammed Pelosi in response claiming that Pelosi is a white supremacist. Sarsour took her response to Facebook stating “This is why we wanted Congresswoman Barbara Lee to be The Speaker of the House and ‘progressives’ were like nah, Pelosi is a leader and omg you should see how she claps. What a clap! Nancy is a typical white feminist upholding the patriarchy doing the dirty work of powerful white men.”

     Sarsour in the same post said with “We stand with Ilhan Omar”. The statement came just a few days before the House passed a resolution to condemn “all hatred and bigotry” including anti-Semitism. President Donald Trump told reporters recently that Omar should resign from Congress.

    In America’s past there have been other anti-Semites in Congress, but none of them were suspected to have ties with terrorists organizations in the Middle East. In modern America there is no place for anti-Semitism in Congress. While making such comments is not unconstitutional, it is highly inappropriate and immoral especially from a public official. The Democratic Party has become divided over this issue and they must take a stronger stand than to pass a resolution, which will have little effect. We must make it known that we condemn hatred and stand with our allies worldwide, we must punish those who go against our morals as a country. While Omar may never be brought to justice for her comments we cannot allow other members of Congress to continue this behavior and we must make sure that the people who support a bigoted, un-American ideology never again hold a place in Congress.

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