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Written by Nicholas Rhudy

I am at a loss for words at the lack of leadership the current administration has shown in Afghanistan. To recap the top fails the government has taken: They left millions of dollars of equipment in the country for the Taliban to take over.

They gave the Taliban the names of US and Afghan nationals that needed to be removed from the country which is the pure definition of treason. They relied on the Taliban to protect them from ISIS which ended up killing 13 US soldiers via a suicide bomber. We must note that the death toll is larger than US troop deaths while they were stationed as before in the country over the last YEAR.

While many Democrats need to take a look in the mirror, this is not an indictment of Dems as a whole. But holy shiiiiiiiii is Joe Biden past his prime. It has been noticeable by those on the right since the election started and the President has only declined since then. While I had a problem with Biden’s stances when he was of sound mind, it doesn’t compare to now.

If Joe Biden was your grandfather, you couldn’t tell me that you would be concerned for his mental state. And following that logic, would you then install him in the office of the most important and powerful person in the world? At best his party and those surrounding him are totally incompetent at their job. And at best, it is pure elder abuse. The Left took Joe Biden, a seemingly innocent old man to hide their progressive agenda with literal cookies and ice cream, and pass their agenda through Congress with the shell of Joe Biden at the helm.

And it is disgusting to say that, are we forgetting that this elderly perv likes to sniff children? That is still out there ya know. Everyone is rightfully focused on the national tragedy happening halfway around the globe. But we forget that President Biden has still more skeletons in his closet.

Joe Biden needs to resign. The cabinet needs to invoke the 25th amendment. Someone needs to be held accountable for the 13 totally avoidable deaths of US soldiers and as Joe Biden admitted the buck stops with him. No more blaming Trump Mr. President. A recent survey done by Rasmussen found that 59% of likely voters believe that Joe Biden will exit office before his term is up. People are starting to wake up, but it needs to happen faster. Literal lives are at stake.

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