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A World Without Police.

Written by : Hailey Bacon

Ever since the people of the BLM movement began protesting and rioting against “police brutality” there's been plenty of talk about defunding the police and even getting rid of the police completely. Just the thought of this idea to most people is horrifying. Some cities have already started this, and from what I have seen on the news, I see there are businesses calling police to help with the looters, and them not being able to show up. Now if little cities in states are struggling imagine what would occur if this happened to the whole country, take Mexico for example after visiting there for the past two and a half week I noticed how the police operate. 

My grandparents live there. Their house has been broken into a couple times. Yes they file a police report but nothing gets done. The reason for this is because the police can’t do anything. They don’t have the authority to do anything. The only ones who have any power are the cartels. They are the authority. The problem with that is that you can’t ask them to help . If you do then you owe them. It’s not good to have to owe something to a group of people who are lawless. You will never have peace. 

There are murders or accidents that happen in Mexico and the police don’t show up till after everything is done. When there are reports of shootouts they wait till it’s over, then they show up, take a report and any dead bodys, and that’s it. Same with accidents they never get solved and very rarely get anything solved.

It’s a sad situation. Many innocent people go without justice. If you do something wrong and don’t belong to any criminal organization you will get in trouble. If you need help there won't be any. They will show up, write stuff down, but that’s the end of it. I love going to Mexico, it’s part of who I am. I just know that we need to be careful, stay to ourselves, and not get into any trouble. And if we do end up needing help we figure it out ourselves and pray to God to keep us safe. 

For the most part we don’t really get involved with anyone unless they are family or our ranch workers. My grandparents have  lived pretty much peacefully over there and no one bothers you  if you don’t bother them. As long as you stay to yourself  it’s a great place to visit, but you have to remember if you need help, there won’t be any. 

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