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2018 Migrant Crisis

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Ris Duckett

The migrant crisis. Should we let them in? Do they really need asylum? Are they a danger to the United States? This is a very touchy and controversial topic that needs to be discussed nationwide. There are many things tied to the migrant caravan that not everyone sees, or knows about, or even cares about. I am going to list out three facts about this caravan, and state my opinion about this crisis, and what I think should be done about it.

The migrants' reasons for coming to the United States.

There are a range of reasons, I’m sure, but the main reason they are coming is to ask for asylum, from their countries. The first thing I want to address about this reason is why they are carrying their countries flag, if they want asylum. This makes no sense, because if I wanted asylum from where I am fleeing, something really bad would have to be going on in that country for me to leave it. So why carry that country’s flag if you are fleeing it?

The Dangers of the Caravan

I know, you see democrats expressing how the United States is wronging the caravan by denying their entry, because, of course, they believe that these migrants are just families, or people coming to genuinely escape their country. Most of these democrats strongly believe that these are harmless individuals, but that simply is not true. Look at what they have done in Mexico. They attacked police, and tore the border wall down by force. This does not seem harmless to me. Even an MS-13 gang member told President Trump that there are definitely members of the gang in the caravan. These people are so dangerous. They dismember children for the fun of it. Rape women and brag about it. We don’t want these people in our country, do we?

What Should the U.S. Do About This Crisis

First of all, the U.S. should always deploy troops in any situation that could potentially be harmful to our soil. You can't stop a running bull by just telling it to stop, before it rams into you. This is a similar situation. These people are not going to stop. This is why you need troops at the border. To stop them by any means needed. We want to keep our country and its citizens safe, even if that means denying asylum to the few, genuine individuals in the caravan. Our country’s safety and our citizens’ safety comes before the safety of another country, or the safety of those in it. President Trump did what he believed was best for the United States in this situation. We are not caving to what they want. We are standing strong, and fighting this problem. If these individuals really wanted to become U.S. citizens’ for the right reasons, they should do it the legal way.

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