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 Ms. Abril  Trankels

My name is April, I am from Argentina! I’m currently studying International Relations at college. I look forward to sharing my passion for ideas, and keeping the real political debate alive, in every corner. 

Based in Argentina.

Enrique Kay Añez

Enrique is a 26 year old Bolivian who is a political science major at the São Paulo (FESP) School, political branding consultant, Evangelical, Former Director of Juventudes UN as well as a Freelance Columnist and Social Media Analyst.


Based in Bolivia 

Ms. Elissar Zabaneh

My name is Elissar, I’m a college freshman at the University of Houston, majoring in Architecture.  I started writing for Minutemen Media in my senior year of high school and currently own it. I started getting into politics in 2016, around the time of the Brexit votes and Presidential elections; my experience living internationally at the time shaped my political beliefs. I’m looking forward to writing with TSR!

    Mr. Gabe Smith

 I am a young conservative currently residing in Texas, however I’ve lived all across the USA in states from Florida to Alaska. I’ve been around so many different cultures and communities, and it has sculpted my beliefs into the strong stances they are today. I am an avid outdoorsman and shooter, and I plan on taking my career in the Military Intelligence path. 

Ms. Jaqualynn Anderson

Jacky Anderson identifies as a libertarian minarchist who approaches everything from the lens of liberty and the non-aggression principle (NAP). She has a B.A. in Political Science and Communication Arts from Washington & Jefferson College, and a M.A. in Communication from the Ohio State University. She is from the Pittsburgh, PA region originally, but presently resides in Columbus, OH. 

Ms. Monica Yelinyan

Hello everyone! My name is Monica Yelinyan and I am a Dutch law student from the Netherlands. I am (not only) interested in American politics and European politics. 

Based in The Netherlands

 Ms. Katie Kaminski


My name is Katie Kaminski; I'll be graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, TN this April, with a B.S. in Communication Studies and Political Science. I am passionate about making everyone's voices heard, no matter what side of the political aisle, but beyond all else, I am passionate about standing up for the rights of those who cannot do so themselves-- unborn children-- through my work with organizations like Live Action. 

Ms. Rachel Tucker

I am a senior at North Carolina State University in Marketing and I was raised a conservative Christian. I have morphed into a strong republican since starting college and I am interested in growing my knowledge and helping people understand facts in an open and accepting way. I love coffee, ukulele, and people, and life is better when we are all nice to each other.

Mr.Caleb Wright

The Economic Standpoint

"Libertarian, proficiency in economics, experience in bitcoin, and training to be a stockbroker"

Ms. Hailey Bacon

Hey everyone! Im 16 years old and Im from a small border town in Arizona, and Im here as a proud conservative and a voice for the unborn.

Mr. Jorge Jraissati

Jorge Jraissati is an internationally recognized Venezuelan economist and political leader. Graduated at the Wilkes Honors College, Jorge is also a fellow at the Abigail Adams Institute. He has spoken about the Venezuelan crisis at numerous universities, including Harvard, NYU, and Cambridge.

Contributor based in Venezuela

Mr. Steve Gessic

Hello everyone, I'm Steve! Lover of God, guns, and freedom. I'm open to hearing from you and having a discussion about current events!

  Ms. Lauren Scott

My name is Lauren Scott. I’m a senior at the University of Arizona. I got involved in politics in 2015 where I was a big Bernie Supporter where I since inverted to conservatism. I now am a free thinking American    

Ms. Caleigh Calvey

"My name is Caleigh Calvey. I am a  passionate Republican who believes in God and my country. I support the Constitution and all alienable rights within. I recognize and will defend those rights and oppose those who want to use legislation to take those rights away. Rights that are beyond the control of a government, given to me by my Creator. My goal is to pursue a career in law and politics. God Bless America! MAGA!"


Mr. Chris Bowler

The Chris Bowler Show

Chris Bowler is a 18 year old political commentator and social media influencer. He is in The FEMA Corp. and strives to produce short and high quality content to get you the facts as fast as possible.


Mr. Isaac Khouri

Founder / Host

The Real News Show

My name is Isaac Khouri and I am the founder of The Shaker Republican!


My goal is to spread the real news that mainstream media won't cover, nationwide and worldwide to help create a more informed world and society!


I am on a mission in life to uncover and expose the truth to the American people!

Instagram: @real_isaackhouri

Mr. Gabriel Cesar

The Brazilian Liberty Report

Brazilian, 23. Former Students For Liberty Regional Coordinator. Running as first libertarian for city council in

Florianopolis-Brazil. Correspondent for your highlights on Brazil for The Shaker Republican.

Based in Brazil


      Ms. Emma Randich

       Emma, Table for One

I am a proud patriot and a lover of freedom. I have helped open clubs and spread conservative messages and values to those who are unfamiliar with conservatism with in my high school and with in my college in Washington State. I am surrounded by a heavy liberal population so not only am I informed about my view but I am informed about the opposing side which makes me a great force to the conservative movement.

    Mr. Gabe Smith

 I am a young conservative currently residing in Texas, however I’ve live all across the USA in states from Florida to Alaska. I’ve been around so many different cultures and communities, and it has sculpted my beliefs into the strong stances they are today. I am an avid outdoorsman and shooter, and I plan on taking my career in the Military Intelligence path. 

Field Reporters

Mr. Stephen Ponce

Ponce's Point

"Originally from Miami, currently based in New York as an independent journalist. Host and owner of Ponce's Point. I have a passion for finding the truth in politics using my own style of interviewing."


Instagram: @Poncespoint

Youtube : Poncespoint

Mr. Sam Owens

Behind The Sights

My name is Sam Owens and I am a second amendment advocate and gun enthusiast

I also do comedic political street interviews and will be contributing to TSR as a broadcaster and field reporter.

Previous Contributers

Mr. Akhil Medarametla

 Ms. Adrienne Ferguson

        Adrienne's Angle


Adrienne is a conservative activist that strives to enlighten the general American public on an array of political issues. Her ultimate goal is to expose the fallacies of the Left and the misconceptions that have been construed for the Right. She is an ardent advocate for freedom of thought, which she believes can only be acquired by the American people if the American people are at liberty to utilize their freedom of speech.

Christian, conservative, investigative journalist. Fighting against globalism and socialism, to bring censorship awareness and truth. #48Dark/#StopTheBias logout & free speech rally coordinator.





Ms. Maisy Duncan

Agnostic English vegan who works in Network Security and loves skiing, drawing and debating. I believe freedom of thought, opinion and expression are the most imperative human rights for our collective liberty.

Based in The U.K.

Ms. Ashleen Nowotny

Hello! I am Ashleen Nowotny. I come from a small town in Iowa. I love to follow politics and plan on going into politics in the future. I will do anything to support President Trump and Make America Great Again.

"I got a more formal start in politics back in the 2012 presidential election and have gotten more interested in politics over the past several years. In the future, I hope to become a sports medicine doctor as well as minor/majoring in film studies. I've been to several rallies for presidential candidates and have been involved in schoolwide political debates in clubs and more "

Hi everyone! My name is Ris, I’m 17 years old and I am from South Carolina, but am moving up north soon. I have gotten involved with politics over the last several years, and involved with Turning Point USA over this year. I am a police cadet, but eventually want to go into the FBI or become a Senator. I’m looking forward to beginning this new platform!


Instagram: @realrisanne

"Hello everyone! My name is Logan Dubil and I am excited and ready to produce content for The Shaker Republican! Although it took me a while to get involved in politics, I am now a proud supporter of the Republican Party, especially President Donald Trump. It is my dream to run for Presidency in 2036, so I can keep this country free. I hope you enjoy my work."

My name is Owen Jaeckle, I am a senior in high school from Madison, Wisconsin. I have written for minor outlets such as my school and my local newspapers. If I had to align myself with a political viewpoint, classical liberal/libertarian capitalist would best suit me. Of the two major parties, though, I am constantly finding myself agreeing with Republicans through and through, and that’s why I decided to start and run my school’s very own Young Republicans Club.


When all is said and done in high school, I hope to attend either Northern Illinois University or Loyola University Chicago where I plan to major in Economics and at some point, receive my law degree.


Instagram: @owenjae

Twitter: @0vv3n 

I am Beth Walker, high school junior and competitive shooter. I write for a few different publications and have been featured in the NRA Blog and USCCA blog. After meeting with several legislators in Washington on the basis of the Second Amendment, I decided to become more active after years of following and being interested in politics. In the future I hope to become a lawyer and possibly run for Congress.

"Hi! My name is Gabby and im from a small town in New Jersey. Im so excited to work with the company and be able to do podcasts and share my views with everyone! I am a big conservative and of course I support my president! I cannot wait to start working for TSR! If anyone ever wants to talk feel free to reach out!:)


Insta- gabbysilletti "

I’m Monica Bailey, high school Junior. I will be doing broadcasts for this organization. I am very involved in politics, I have been to many Turning Point USA events. I am very excited to be a part of this amazing organization and to build the young conservative movement.


Instagram: @monica.bailey

Hi! I’m Duke Joyce, I come from western Ohio. Politics has always triggered me but I became a real fan during the 2016 election. I stand strongly for Trump and for what I believe in. Although I do not plan to follow a political path in the future, I will always be involved and always try to encourage anyone I can.

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